WHY RGVtalkies?

I felt like a kid in a candy store when I realized, what all and how much can be done in the digital world and I got this idea to build my very own online theatre called RGVtalkies. RGVtalkies's only objective will be to release content which will be pathbreaking, radical and shockingly entertaining.
The mission of RGVtalkies is not to just remain an internet portal but to become the driving force of an anti-establishment and battle conventional and outdated cinema. This rebel movement will be aimed at destroying the classical patterns of cinema and completely individualise it. A truly great revolutionary democratic movement can happen only when extremely individualistic people will come together on one single platform for the express purpose of overthrowing everything that is considered non-throwable.
Anybody who wants to join this movement needs to have the passion, vision and the realization that we are all standing at the out-gate of digital medium and we need to rush in to write its future before we ourselves become history.