July 5, 2017


In the past, one had to attend Film Institutes to do a course in acting or join acting Institutes, both of which I strongly believe are completely outdated and a sheer waste of both time and money. Like the proof of the pudding is in the eating, here at the RGV COMPANY, all we need to see about the potential of an actor or an actress are some appropriate pictures of to have an idea about an individuals screen presence and a short video clip of the person enacting a dialogue of their own choice for us to get an idea of the performance range. For example I am posting here, a video clip sent to us by a person called Prabhat which was written enacted and shot by himself on a cell phone . I was so impressed with him and I cast him in a very prominent role in my first ever web series "GUNS AND THIGHS."

Today, thanks to the Internet age, anyone in any corner of the country with neither experience nor any access to the film industry can also approach us through the way Prabhat approached us instead of wasting money and time and coming all the way to Mumbai struggling to get an entry into our offices .
RGVtalkies has been created as a medium to reach out to passionate, aspiring actors and actresses to showcase their talent.
Once we get all the entries, whoever we feel has the potential will be streamlined properly and will be displayed prominently on our site for anyone in the film industry to see and approach. Our advantage is we gain a talent and their advantage is that they will get a reach, a recognition and possible feature films. Also, there's no binding contract, so if anybody sees and wants to approach the talent directly, they are free to do so via their contact mails which will be displayed here on this site
Audition video clip of Prabhat Raghunandan

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Prabhat Raghunandan